An Introduction


This blog was made to help you save money, and have a great time while you are at disney! I’ll also give some fun games that can be easily missed while you are at the park and tell some of the best places to eat! I hope everyone enjoys this blog and they keep coming back for more! In along with these pictures I will be telling small tips of rides to ride and places to sit for the perfect view of the castle and fireworks! Keep reading, and I hope you enjoy!


I got a picture of a reflection of the beautiful Mount Everest at Animal Kingdom. 


These two pictures are from the safari ride at Animal Kingdom. I deffinetly recommend this ride for anyone! This ride shows amazing animals and is perfect for anyone of any age!


TIP: Now lets park hope over to disney’s Magic Kingdom! This is a great view for fireworks, and the castle’s light show. This spot is on top of the train station. It gets crowded quickly!! So make sure to grab a spot an hour before the show starts. I recommend getting dinner in a to-go box ( $ restaurants only), and run up to the second floor of the train station. This way you and your family can enjoy a meal while waiting for the fireworks to begin! 



Disney’s Electrical parade is so much fun! This parade is best viewed from the street. Thankfully the floats are large enough that you dont have to be in the front to see them. I took this photo standing on Main Street. 


I hope you guys enjoyed these photos and small tips! More to come next weekend! 



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  1. I love the view of the castle. And the idea for the dinner to go box is terrific. I’ll have to do this next time I take a trip to Disney. Thanks for these ideas.

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