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my blog: I am a disney anual pass member for the first time this year! I want to help make people's trip to disney a magical one, without going bankrupt.

“The worst thing that will happen is that you don’t like it”


Wise words spoken by my older brother. When my brother came down to Florida to visit we took him to Disney! We went to my favorite park, Hollywood Studios. As I’ve posted in older post, I am not a thrill ride person. So I can typically be found watching Muppet Vision, or going on Star Tours. But this trip was different, I knew that I had to face my fears and go on Tower of Terror. My brothers rode it many times that day and I had put it off. It wasn’t until my youngest brother rode the ride (he was also terrified) that I knew I would have to ride it. Although he screamed like a little baby and had the look of terror on his face when he got off the ride, he said it was fun. So I just went for it. It was a five minute wait and we walked right into the “briefing” room. My stomach was so sick, and it was cramping up. I just wanted to leave. I kept saying over and over again in my head, why did I ride this ride? What was I thinking? Why did I do this? Then there it was, the spots with numbers on them telling me what seat to sit in. The elevator doors opened up and I froze. I just stood their looking at the seats and said “I don’t think I can do this”. Thankfully I was in the front row so no body was behind me. (last row loads first) Then I felt the huge hand of my big brother (he’s 6’2″ I’m 5’2″ how does this happen?) pushing me into the ride saying “nope your not getting off, come on”, and he literally pushed me into my seat and I did it, I was on. I was hyperventilating, and shaking uncontrollably, but I was on.  I looked at him and said “why did I do this?”, and he said “don’t worry, the worst that thats going to happen is that you don’t like it.”. He was right, the worst thing that happened was that I didn’t like it! To me it reminding me of throwing up. When you go up, its the split moment when you think your feeling better and your stomach isn’t sick again, and then you fall and get the no gravity sensation that my brothers loved.

The point of telling you guys this wordy story, was to hopefully help some of you overcome your fears and go on rides that you might not normally go on. It helped me go onto thunder mountain railroad, and now I love that ride. So just give it a try, you may end up really enjoying it. The worst thing that will happen to you is that you dont like it.

our elevator.




My next trip to disney will be to Epcot. When I was younger I always found Epcot to be boring after a few hours of visiting. My most recent trip we decided to do something different, because here are surprisingly tons of things to do at Epcot that we had just never gotten around to before. Here is a list of a few of my favorite things to do:

  1. Disney pin trading! – there is a HUGE pin trading station at Epcot. It’s super fun, and shaded.
  2. Innovations – Inovations has a make your own video game, where you can the star of your own video game. Its super fun and in an airconditioned building. So if your day is getting to hot, its a perfect spot to relax and just have some fun.
  3. Caption EOS – it’s old, it’s 80’s, but it’s amazing. The seats move up and down when your space ship crashes making the 3D movie a little bit more interactive. The only part I didn’t like, was when this rope came out and hit me in the leg… ouch… 
  4. SOARIN!!!! – Soarin is a must ride! There are not words to describe the amazing feeling of flying over the beautiful California. Some advice to get on this ride is without waiting forever and a day : make sure to run and get fast passes first thing, they run out very quickly!
  5. Test Track – I’m not gonna lie. I’m not a rollar coaster/ thrill rider person, but test track was awesome! It only went fast for one part, and there were tons of little kids laughing and smiling on the ride. If you’re nervous like I was, just face those fears and go on the ride! The worse that can happen is you don’t like the ride.
  6. The countries – the countries can take up to 5 hours to do, so make sure you pick out the countries you see the most and get those done. Then at the end of the day, you can go back and do the other countries that you might not have gotten to.
  7. The “little kid” rides – Epcot has a lot of little kid rides, but they are actually really entertaining and fun. The best part is that they are educational!! yay.

These are just a few of my opinions on rides and games you can do while you are at Epcot. In this blog I decided to not put down a place to eat. At Epcot you will be pleased with any place there! (But since i mentioned I have to add that the beirgarten in Germany and mexico have amazing food!)

As always I hope you guys enjoyed this blog

Sandwiches… at disney?


Here is a tip for you that may seen unappealing, and certainly un”magical” to some. Bring your own sandwich to Disney!! Yep I said. If you are not on the disney meal plan (which I recommend fully if you are staying at a Disney hotel), then bring a sandwich for dinner or your car ride home.

I know the thought of bringing a sandwich might remind some of high school and nasty turkey with cheese and a lovely soggy bread bun to match.

But don’t worry my awful cooks! Here is a “recipe” for a yummy sandwich.

P.S. all of the ingredients are optional, just a suggestion of what I enjoy to eat.


  • Find your favorite crunchy bread (this will help prevent sogginess)
  • sliced skinless, boneless turkey breast (or any left over meats you have in your fridge.)
  • tomatos
  • smoke guada cheese (not option, this makes the sandwich!!!!)
  • lettuce of your choice
  • mayonnaise
  • mustard


Just through all of this on some bread, and in a cooler, then in your car! If you have a sandwich press then use it! It taste great!

Disney Pins


If any of you have ever started collecting disney pins then you know how amazingly addicting it can be. Its incredibly hard to pull away from a set that you only need one more pin to complete! (You fellow pin collectors know what I mean). I am new to pin collecting as of this year, but I have found out some great tips for follow collectors.

  1. Buy your pins online!  – you can get 25 pins on ebay for just 16.00 dollars! My uncle’s brother got 50 pins on an ebay auction for just 15 dollars. And no need to worry! These pins are great quality! Well they have been so far 🙂 Fingers crossed on my next order! Anyways… I’ve ordered them online and I can say you get a great variety! Even some hard to find hidden mickey’s!
  2. Go to EPCOT!!! – epcot has a huge pin trading station. People roll up with over 1,000 pins. Its crazy. I almost went crazy just endlessly flipping past page and page of pin sets and trying to find a stupid fast pass hidden mickey!! (I feel like I chose a very hard set to collect…)
  3. Down Town Disney – down town disney is free admission and free parking. You just show up and have a great time. There is a HUGE pin trading station at the very far right end (if you are facing the entrence.) Its definitely worth checking out.

I hope these tips were helping and fun to read. If you have any other tips you would like to share, you can leave them in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

An Introduction


This blog was made to help you save money, and have a great time while you are at disney! I’ll also give some fun games that can be easily missed while you are at the park and tell some of the best places to eat! I hope everyone enjoys this blog and they keep coming back for more! In along with these pictures I will be telling small tips of rides to ride and places to sit for the perfect view of the castle and fireworks! Keep reading, and I hope you enjoy!


I got a picture of a reflection of the beautiful Mount Everest at Animal Kingdom. 


These two pictures are from the safari ride at Animal Kingdom. I deffinetly recommend this ride for anyone! This ride shows amazing animals and is perfect for anyone of any age!


TIP: Now lets park hope over to disney’s Magic Kingdom! This is a great view for fireworks, and the castle’s light show. This spot is on top of the train station. It gets crowded quickly!! So make sure to grab a spot an hour before the show starts. I recommend getting dinner in a to-go box ( $ restaurants only), and run up to the second floor of the train station. This way you and your family can enjoy a meal while waiting for the fireworks to begin! 



Disney’s Electrical parade is so much fun! This parade is best viewed from the street. Thankfully the floats are large enough that you dont have to be in the front to see them. I took this photo standing on Main Street. 


I hope you guys enjoyed these photos and small tips! More to come next weekend!