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Sandwiches… at disney?


Here is a tip for you that may seen unappealing, and certainly un”magical” to some. Bring your own sandwich to Disney!! Yep I said. If you are not on the disney meal plan (which I recommend fully if you are staying at a Disney hotel), then bring a sandwich for dinner or your car ride home.

I know the thought of bringing a sandwich might remind some of high school and nasty turkey with cheese and a lovely soggy bread bun to match.

But don’t worry my awful cooks! Here is a “recipe” for a yummy sandwich.

P.S. all of the ingredients are optional, just a suggestion of what I enjoy to eat.


  • Find your favorite crunchy bread (this will help prevent sogginess)
  • sliced skinless, boneless turkey breast (or any left over meats you have in your fridge.)
  • tomatos
  • smoke guada cheese (not option, this makes the sandwich!!!!)
  • lettuce of your choice
  • mayonnaise
  • mustard


Just through all of this on some bread, and in a cooler, then in your car! If you have a sandwich press then use it! It taste great!