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Disney Pins


If any of you have ever started collecting disney pins then you know how amazingly addicting it can be. Its incredibly hard to pull away from a set that you only need one more pin to complete! (You fellow pin collectors know what I mean). I am new to pin collecting as of this year, but I have found out some great tips for follow collectors.

  1. Buy your pins online! ┬á– you can get 25 pins on ebay for just 16.00 dollars! My uncle’s brother got 50 pins on an ebay auction for just 15 dollars. And no need to worry! These pins are great quality! Well they have been so far ­čÖé Fingers crossed on my next order! Anyways… I’ve ordered them online and I can say you get a great┬ávariety! Even some hard to find hidden mickey’s!
  2. Go to EPCOT!!! – epcot has a huge pin trading station. People roll up with over 1,000 pins. Its crazy. I almost went crazy just endlessly flipping past page and page of pin sets and trying to find a stupid fast pass hidden mickey!! (I feel like I chose a very hard set to collect…)
  3. Down Town Disney – down town disney is free admission and free parking. You just show up and have a great time. There is a HUGE pin trading station at the very far right end (if you are facing the entrence.) Its definitely worth checking out.

I hope these tips were helping and fun to read. If you have any other tips you would like to share, you can leave them in the comments!

Thanks for reading!